Tuesday, 25 October 2011

French Horse Grenadier

Del Prado figure Remodelled French Horse Grenadier.

Turkic Mameluks

Turkic Mameluks completely remodelled and repainted from the Mike Ingham Collection at Wargaming Holiday Centre.

Kettle Drummer

Del Prado Figures Remodelled and Repainted French Kettle Drummer.

Kettle Drummer from the French Carabinier Regiment.

Austrian Dragoons

Austrian Dragoons Remodelled from the Elite originals. I like to make the figures unique so stripping them of the original standardised swords, reigns, slings, straps etc.. I remodel them using things like fuse wire and then repaint.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Thanks and Commissions

Right, well I thought it was about time that I posted some stuff on here for people to look at before you all think I've forgotten about the site.

Thanks to everyone who has either left a comment or sent an email. It's been great to hear how much people really appreciate my work. My apologies for not updating the site sooner. The internet is really out of my comfort zone and I've had to rely on other people's help. I hope to become more internet savvy with time but find it hard going and of course it takes time away from my painting.

So my Son, Mark is setting up the posts for me (Thanks Son!), he has no real knowledge of my figures so any errors in the spelling or labelling of the photos I'll blame him rather than admitting it's down to my own bad memory!

Thanks also to
Dave Doc of "One Man And His Brushes" for his help with some of the photos, it's much appreciated, mate.

People ask me all the time about making figures for them and recently I’ve found that I’ve been able to devote more time to this so some of you may be happy to know that I’m happy to take on commissions on 25mm and 54mm figures.

If anyone would like and specific work then please email my Son at:


Include a phone number and I’ve give you a ring to discuss what I can do for you. Much easier and quicker than me trying to reply by email!

The pictures in this post of Russian Currassiers are from one of my latest commissions.

Best Wishes and thanks again for the interest,

P.S. Coming soon(ish) American Civil War figures!

Napoleon Figures

Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821) was a French military and political leader during the latter stages of the French Revolution.

These figures I've remodelled from the Del Prado originals. where I've stripped the originals of reigns, slings, straps etc.. and remodelled with fuse wire then totally repainted.

Napoleon on horse back by Doug Mason.

Napoleon and his staff. 25mm to 28mm figures.

French Napoleonic figures from Doug Mason's Collection.

Militaria Collection

As well as the painting and modelling figures I have a large collection of Militaria which I thought I'd share on these pages too.

A Real French World War 2 helmet.

A French Cavalry Pelisse Jacket.

A Replica German World War 2 Helmet.

5mm Waterloo Figures

The smallest figures I do are the 5mm. The detail is incredible "We don’t know how he can get a brush that small!"

These are from my Waterloo collection, including La Haye Sainte building. The buildings were scratch built! There are over 4000 figures on my Waterloo terrain.