Thursday, 30 June 2016

Almost forgot to post the Dragoon Officer.


  1. Looking very good Doug. Can I ask how you paint that spectacular and so realistic brass helmet please?

  2. Hi Carlo,
    When I first started painting models i read an article by Lynnn Sangster of Historex models and I picked up on a couple of good points.
    1. if you can see it you can paint it.
    2. paint as if you were dressing yourself ie. under garments first.
    So the helmet was painted Brown first, then the detail on the comb added, the skull was then filled in, all this with Gold paint, the turban was painted and detailed Leopard skin, the chin scales where then painted useing the same method sa the rest of the helmet, ie. Brown first then Gold, the horse hair and tuft painted Black and shaded Grey.
    the paints I use are good old Humbrel except the Gold which is Vallejo.
    I hope this helps a little.
    Regards Doug.

    1. Thanks Doug - I can imagine many more painting questions from across the globe once this project news gets out mate.