Friday, 17 June 2011

Site Open!

I recently discovered that there are numerous discussions on the Internet regarding the military figures that I have designed and painted in the past. So have decided to create my own site. This is currently a work in progress as I photograph and catalogue my work ready for it to be uploaded. This may take a while, especially as I'm still finding my feet regarding using the Internet.

I'm also hoping to offer some of my work for sale, but more about that when I reach that stage.

For the moment Welcome and I hope you enjoy my work.


  1. Welcome to the t'internet Doug!

  2. Excellent news. As a past owner (albeit briefly) of some of your work I'll be following with great interest.

  3. This is great news Doug, we'll await your new 'dingly-danglies' with baited breath. I feel like a six year old at christmas, you're work has never failed to inspire me.

  4. I had the good fortune to use some of your models at the WHC in the 1990s (or was it the late 1980?). Time flies. I too have found inspiration in your work that I associate with Gilder. Between the two of you and Colin Rumford, my vision of gaming was formed and by which it is still informed. Really looking forward to the pictures and articles.

    Good luck with the computer!

    Chris Leach

  5. Great to see you on the blog O sphere Doug, look forward to reading and viewing!


  6. Where did you moustache and beard go? Glad to see you looking so well.
    I managed to get some of your figures from Mike last year before his untimely death. All Waterloo type stuff including the Gordons battalion that featured on the cover of WI many moons ago.
    Tony D

  7. Hey Doug, I have loads of your stuff, once I extract my digit I will send you some photo's
    Best wishes
    Dave T

  8. Really looking forward to seeing the images -- you guys who managed to get some of these classics are lucky buggers. I remember those highlanders!

  9. So Pleased to see your talents are exposed to the internet!!! Long overdue, If anyone thinks they have figures that are well illustrated? You haven't seen Doug's, each figure tells its'own story.
    The Best you will ever see and own.