Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for supporting my work and my site. I'll see if I can make things more interesting next year.

Cheers Doug.


  1. Mr D Mason,
    Sir I have met you many years ago where I purchased from you a couple command bases, it was either at Salute or at Colours (Armageddon) in those days and since then I have always loved the animation and painting still that you do.
    The help that I need is that I have just purchased a lot of second hand Elite and Connoisseur figures. The person that had them before was a keen follower of the late Peter Gilder and had removed all of the bayonets and replaced them with pins which he glued on. After time the glue has broke down and the bayonets have come off. So I have decided if I can replace the pin bayonets by soldering them on and giving them a stronger bond, but I need some advice on what power soldering iron to get, what low melt solder and what flux and asking around I was advised to give you an E Mail to see if you can help me as you do quite a lot of soldering on figures.
    If you can I will be most grateful.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Steve its always nice to speak with fellow modelers so ill try to talk you through the soldering process. First your tools, your local hardware store should be able to with all your requirements. The irons I use are from the WELLER range. I have two at moment one is 25watt the other a 100watt ,my solder is electritians solder unfortunatly the label has worn off so I can't tell you the exact name but once again your store be able to advise you, the flux I use is Bakers soldering no. 3. Now for the process, firstly you need to clean your figure especialy when tinning swords etc. The glue on muskets need to be completly removed or the solder will no take. You might try practicing with a figure from your spares box. Anyway I hope this might be of some help.

    2. Doug,
      Thanks so much for the advice especially ref the soldering irons as I was going to buy a variable control one at about £120 and I read some where that you make your swords from pins which I have started doing now as I use to make them from brass rodd and grind them down to shape. Its been a great help.
      Thank you.