Monday, 23 April 2012

Prussian Infantry (Seven Years War),

Prussian Infantry (Seven Years War).


  1. Hello Doug,

    I have admired your work featured in Miniature Wargames, Wargames Illustrated, and other publications for almost 30 years (yikes!). Your Napoleonic figures, in particular, are amazing. These SYW Prussians to are right up my alley. . . Gorgeous! Have you painted more mid-18th century stuff?

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

    1. Hi the answer to your question is, I've painted quiet a few SYW figures as comissions and this unit is the only one I've got in my own collection. I have a designed a couple of Prussian Infantry figures but I have not as yet had them cast off. As regards the 30 years of MWI mags I've got a portfolio of photo's from the mag which I think I might put on web. Thanks for taking interest in my blog . Regards Doug.

  2. Whose sculptures are these -- they look like they have a bit of Elite in them, but I am not sure...
    Thanks for posting these. Lovely.

  3. That makes a change... nice stuff Doug

  4. Very nice. And they look like John Ray sculpts to me..?