Monday, 6 May 2013

Murat and Staff lead  the 3rd Hussars into action.


  1. These are excellent - look like converted Perry plastics, tell us all about it Doug.
    Thanks for posting,

  2. The convedrsions were made from my spares box, all figures are French Hussars from the Perry's plastic range. First a new head was needed for Murat this was taken from the Victus Old Guard Grenadier plastic set, the head needed to be a cocked hat with cut feathers and three ostrich plumes, I made these from Milliput. The next task was the fur to Captain Manhe's pellise this again was made with Milliput. Work then was needed on the saddle furniture, they where once again modeled with the trusty Milliput,the rest was a paint job. I hope this helps. Regards Doug

  3. These are great looking figures Doug, I especially love the look of the three command figures all converted from the Perry Plastics!
    Fantastic, keep up the good work mate.

  4. Hi Mark thought you'd like these chaps rather colourful and flambouant like yourself. As regards the flag on the Grenadiers I couldn't waste it could I? Your snipers eyes soon spotted it though can't get one passed you mate. Hope to see you soon. Regards Doug