Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Murat Conversion

 These are the figures used for the Murat conversion I made in 1984 photo above. I am going to recreate the duo for Carlo and will be running through the procedure from start to finish on this thread, hope it helps you budding converters.

The dollies have now been roughed out with modeling knife, rat tail files and finished with my Dremel.

The basic figures for this project are 2 Foremost horses, Hinchliffe charging Dragoon trooper and Connoisseur Dragoon officer, a pelisse cut from a spare Hussar and a head wearing a cocked hat taken from a spare French Marshal. The next task will be to make new scabbards, sabretaches, stirrups etct. which will then be soldered to the figures. Personnely I tend to think Historex kits when I'm converting figs, anyone who has built a Historex kit will know the sequence of making them so I tend to follow the same procedure. I hope these ramblings help those thinking of having a crack at converting.

In the next part I will be showing how I scratch build weapons and accouterments,



  1. Fantastic! I look forward to the upcoming parts.

    Best Regards,


  2. Very excited about this project as you can imagine Doug. Fantastic Stuff!!

  3. Great idea I can't wait for the next episode - I've always liked your painting style but never managed to pull it off can you please include plenty on how you do it.