Sunday, 23 June 2013

A bit of German armour mkes it,s way to the front, (my back garden actualy). Bought a load of Flames Of War figs and models and these are the first few that Ive made up and painted, quiet pleased with them so far. More to follow.


  1. That's different... Hope to catchup with ya next weekend, will give you a bell through the week

  2. Very nice Doug, subtle and realistic (i'm no fan of the somewhat garish Battlefront 'house style'). I'll be interested to see what you make of the FOW infantry - they seem rather oddly proportioned, will a proper paint job disguise that....

    Incidentally, do you remember Phil Robinson's awesome 20mm WW2 collection (at least it looked fantastic in the magazines, i never got to see it in the flesh)? A couple of years ago the then owner told me he'd never even unpacked it, that after buying it about 20 years previously....what a criminal waste! Cheers.