Wednesday, 19 June 2013


French Guard Lancers going into action. These figures believe it or not are over 30 years old they have just been in my workshop for repairs. This took the form of new and repaired lances, heads, swords and broken horses legs resoldered . The 40 figure unit was amalgamated from two units that were obtained by Peter Gilder in the early 80s., the original unit was painted by Phil Robinson i perhaps our friend from shiney soldiers could put me right if my memory has failed me, the second unit was done by my, over the years the casualties have been removed and eventualy the two units became one. I have repainted the unit so they blend together they were almost the same anyway so it took very little effort the figures were then given a coat of varnish. The end result was very satisfying as the Lancers are back to there original splender. Maybe the older W.H.C. clientel  will remember them.

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  1. I certainly remember them.

    They look great Doug.